Ruc banco de credito del peru


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We share our Code of Ethics and Conduct which expresses the criteria that guide our decisions and the behaviors expected of us, so that our company can be an example of integrity that generates social, economic and human value. It also communicates our means of institutional denunciation and the mechanisms through which we protect our collaborators and clients from any deviation from the guidelines it contains.

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Bim has closed 2020 with more than one million users thanks to the support of 26 financial institutions. In the month of December alone, more than 60 thousand users created their Bim account, reaching more than 1.5 million transactions per month and more than 300 million moved on the platform.

What is BCP's RUC?

El ruc banco de credito del peru es 20100047218 y se encuentra ubicado en LA MOLINA.

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What is Banco BCP Peru called?

El Banco de Crédito del Perú es conocido comúnmente como BCP, y es uno de los bancos más importantes del país.

How to link RUC with BCP?

Para vincular tu ruc banco de credito, ingresa al sitio web de SUNAT y completa tus datos (RUC, código de usuario, contraseña) para iniciar sesión. En "Consultas y Transacciones", elige "Detracciones". Ingresa los datos de tu transacción y selecciona el logo del BCP ¡y listo!

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We take it very seriously: we have standards compiled in the Internal Regulations and in the Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Annual Report, and we are continually striving to improve our practices and act more efficiently.

2011: We expanded by acquiring clinics and medical centers that today make up SANNA, the Aliada oncology center and the Centro Odontológico Americano - COA. We also signed a strategic alliance with Johns Hopkins Medicine International to raise the standards of patient care.

To achieve our goal, we have all the requirements you need to trust our promise: payment capacity, reliability in our investors and the solid position we have in the Peruvian market. This has earned us the highest risk ratings in the local and Latin American industry.

Pacífico Seguros ratifies its solvency by receiving a new rating from A.M. Best Company, an international risk rating agency specialized in insurance. A.M. Best, an important worldwide rating agency, rated the company A- international with a 'positive' outlook, a note that demonstrates its operational strength and solid position in the industry.

Identifying the banco de credito ruc Number

When dealing with financial transactions in Peru, it's crucial to know the ruc del bcp, which is a unique identifier for the bank. This number is required for various bureaucratic processes and is a key piece of information for both individuals and businesses operating in the country.


Our commitment to helping clients in Latin America dates back to the 19th century. As a result of our long and extensive presence, we have established long-term, trusted relationships with Latin American industry leaders, financial institutions, governments, family-owned businesses and private clients.

We are committed to building vibrant communities, preserving the environment, and promoting an inclusive culture around the world that benefits people today and for generations to come. To achieve these goals and maximize our contribution, our corporate responsibility programs in Latin America reflect our philanthropic objectives in the areas of community development, education, and arts and culture. Philanthropic efforts support local communities and various local microfinance and local microenterprise programs.

The commitment that J.P. Morgan has goes beyond J.P. Morgan's business. There is a culture of doing things right, there is a culture of doing the right thing with the customer, with the community, with the bank, with your friends, with the employees.


ISIORE E.I.R.L. (hereinafter, "Lotieneconisiore") makes available this document (the "Privacy Policy") to inform about the policies and procedures related to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information received from Customers in the context of the use and access to the service offered (the "Service") through its platform available on an Internet portal called "" (the "Platform").

This Privacy Policy complies with the parameters set forth in the national rules on personal data protection, in particular, Law No. 29733, Law on Personal Data Protection, and Supreme Decree 003-2013-JUS, Regulation of the Law (the "Law"). This document is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Platform.

- Personal Data Bank: Organized set of personal data, automated or not, regardless of the support, whether physical, magnetic, digital, optical or others that are created, whatever the form or modality of its creation, formation, storage, organization and access.

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